Underground mining operations face a distinctly unique set of challenges.

Equipment and components must be manually handled in these settings as labour is often operating in restricted spaces, often without access to large lifting equipment.

A normal part of many underground mining processes is the regular extension and retraction of conveyor systems, particularly in producing areas of the mine. Whenever such conveyors are extended or retracted however, the entire system must be stopped. Stoppages cost production, time and money.

CMA has designed the modular Redline conveyor system to remedy these challenges in underground mining.

The RedlineTM conveyor system removes the need to stop conveyors during extension, retraction or even maintenance. Production can continue uninterrupted.

When combined with CMA’s Roll-Over Idler™, the idlers within a conveyor can be replaced from the safety of the walkway, while the conveyor is still operating. This directly reduces the need to have idler replacement days or unplanned stoppages to replace failed components.


Maintenance can be completed while production continues, without the need for lifting equipment.

Such a step change in productivity has an enormous impact on a mine’s viability and economic performance.

The Redline designed is embedded with safety features. As the system is hung from an overhead monorail, manual handling is almost completely removed from the process of managing a conveyor. Gone is the need to bend and twist while lifting and carrying heavy conveyor components.

Other ancillary equipment and services can also be attached to the system if desired. Walkway lighting, communications, personnel tracking, piped services, stone dusting, CABA refill stations, explosion barriers, ventilation and guidance systems can all be incorporated into the system.