It is widely known that belt conveyors which are used in this sector must operate at peak efficiency to accomplish tunnelling rates is continuous operation.

A successful operation relies on continuously extracting and transporting material to the surface as quickly as possible with limited stoppages. Ensuring optimum conveyor uptime as well as maintaining and improving safety are therefore key priorities.

CMA has developed a revolutionary design for underground tunnelling which allows conveyors to be extended or retracted all while the conveyor is still operating and production continues.

The Redlinesystem allows the extension and retraction of underground conveyors to take place outside an active mining/tunnelling area in an installation/recovery centre, where conveyor frames are wheeled into place on an overhead monorail, and then enter or leave the conveyor line via a belt lifting station. The system simply advances or retracts conveyor frames as needed.

Safety is markedly improved as the system removes almost all manual handling associated with extending and retracting conveyor systems. Given the lower human interaction with the system, the risk of component damage and personal injury is greatly reduced.

Additionally, the system is designed to incorporate other mine services and ancillary equipment, normally part of an underground mining panel, reducing complexity and cost of operations. Such services may include piped services, electrical power and communications, fluid transfer solutions and ventilation.

Redline also eliminates the need for associated ancillary tasks to occur that are normally part of underground conveyor management.

When combined with the Roll-Over Idler™, idlers can be replaced in-situ while the conveyor is still operating. This is achieved by simply rotating the idler from vertical to horizontal position, sliding the idler frame out into the walkway and replacing in a similar fashion. This eliminates the need to remove the product from the belt or use heavy lifting equipment.