CMA is acutely aware that businesses in these sectors have suffered through a prolonged downturn in commodity prices. They are mostly now on a path of improvement, which it is hoped can be sustained through productivity gains, in either business processes, systems, or technology. The goal - to improve efficiency and contain any existing or potential future costs.


Typically, conveyor systems are costly to purchase, install, operate and maintain. As such, businesses are requiring more cost-effective, productive and safer solutions. However, their needs are specific to their site, and so such solutions must also be customised to their application.


CMA has designed a fully-modular surface conveyor system, the Containerveyor™.


The Containerveyor™ arrives on mine sites in a ‘plug-and-play’ format, significantly reducing installation time and costs over conventional approaches. Modules are fully-fitted out with selected options prior to shipment, including, cables, lighting, communications, walkways, fire detection and suppression, conveyor structure, pipework and any other requirements. This approach means the hard work is already done – installation requires minimal specialist labour or skills.


Being modular, the installation of the system also requires considerably fewer people. In remote locations where expenses for flights, accommodation and higher wage rates can make up a large component of a conveyor’s capital cost, the modular approach is highly attractive.


The simplicity of the Containerveyor™ system means the equipment is far quicker to install than conventional systems allowing production to start much sooner. In the case of the resources sector, miners may be able to avoid inefficient and costly practices such as initial truck haulage while traditional conveyors are installed.


Environmental impact is also minimised. In many cases, civil preparations, earthworks and footings are vastly reduced. The system can also be submerged or buried, improving visual amenity.


Containerveyor™ can be completely enclosed to establish a controlled environment where noise, dust, vibration and harmonics can all be managed at the source. Thermal panelling can be fitted for cold or hot climates or where additional climatic controls are required.


Once installed, the Containerveyor’s™ operating costs are further lowered when it is combined with CMA’s Roll-Over Idler™. This system allows idlers to be changed while the conveyor is still operating. Idler replacement no longer requires lifting equipment, or operators and maintenance personnel to enter the conveyor envelope, it is all completed from the walkway. This directly improves utilisation and availability and removes the need to short-dump or rehandle product while traditional conveyors are being maintained.


The conveyor system’s modular design also allows it to be relocated and reused elsewhere, thereby reducing waste and delivering additional cost savings.


Given the modular approach, systems are able to be purchased, leased or financed.