Businesses in this industry segment are constantly looking at new operating models, new ways of delivering superior customer and investor value as they are pushed to economise and innovate. Moreover, the timescale for change within this sector is accelerating.

As urban sprawl continues, power generating utilities are often within close proximity to communities and populations. This necessitates that operators to contain noise, dust and vibration, without compromising operational performance.

The Containerveyor™ can be fully-enclosed providing an effective solution to exactly these challenges. Systems can be fitted with ventilation systems and noise-attenuation panelling. For visual amenity, they can be buried under roads and other surface infrastructure, or elevated to cross surface features or form gantries.

The Containerveyor™ can be also covered in solar panels for power generation, allowing infrastructure to become income-generating in its own right thereby reducing energy costs.

The modular design ensures the system can be refitted, moved and reused as needed, reducing waste and the need for purchase of new equipment.