CMA recognises that as the role of regional ports in Australia and indeed the world grow in significance, investment in infrastructure development as well as improvements in planning and overall operating strategies are critical to enable businesses to meet environmental requirements and scale to meet demand for services.

CMA’s conveyor technology provides a reliable, safe, quality technology that meets these needs as well as delivering significant productivity gains.

Conveyor technology can be costly to install and operate, however, Containerveyor™ is a world-first ‘plug and play’ conveyor technology which aims to reduce costs, by requiring little specialist labour to install and maintain. The conveyor system’s modular design also allows it to be refurbished, relocated and reused elsewhere, reducing waste while increasing utilisation rates.

As the Containerveyor™ system is fully enclosed, this effectively manages dust and spillage in bulk terminals, which can be a safety and productivity issue for this industry. Capacity can be increased; dust reduced, eliminating fire risk; spillage minimised as products being conveyed are not exposed to wind, rain and other elements. Associated labour costs are also minimised, which is often required to keep the conveyors and surrounding areas clean.

In any port, time is money. While vessels aren’t being loaded, the port is not generating revenue. Vessels waiting to load/unload are a wasted resource.

Combining Containerveyor™ and Roll-Over Idler™ technologies together enables businesses to continue to operate the conveyor while idler maintenance and replacement is carried out. This results in greater operational productivity.

CMA designed Containerveyor™ so that a range of optional systems can be pre-installed into every module, including communications and monitoring equipment, smoke detection, fire suppression, piped services, storage for consumables and area lighting. Sound and thermal panelling can also be added. Ventilation systems can also be added to provide a fully-controlled environment. This is of particular importance when controlling dust or pollutants.

Containerveyor™ can also span surface features or be elevated to form gantries, allowing for greater flexibility in infrastructure design.