Agricultural businesses are faced with increasing local and global competition. More intensive farming practices, higher outputs and yields, continuous technological change, and emerging and growing environmental concerns are all placing demands on the way grain and fertilisers are transported.

It is key that organisations look for ways to reduce costs through the adoption of technologies that improve their competitive advantage, reduce operational costs, as well as improve safety and hygiene factors.

Containerveyor™ offers a world-first solution which provides a step change improvement in the way goods are moved within this sector and delivers on these challenges.

Being a plug and play format, Containerveyor™ minimises the need for specialised labour skills for installation. It is quicker to install, resulting in faster uptime and more immediate production, which also reduces the need for trucking materials while the system comes online.

At sites where grain storages are removed from one another, a Containerveyor™ may be installed to remove the need to truck commodities on site or to load out facilities.

As the Containerveyor™ can be fully-enclosed, products that are sensitive to spoilage or the outside environment can be transported and protected. Losses due to wet grain or fertilisers are eliminated.

Being able to recondition, reuse, and move the Containerveyor™, waste is reduced and similarly the need to purchase additional machinery avoided.

Additionally, as systems can be leased, fixed asset costs are eliminated.