Conveyor Manufacturers Australia (CMA) is a leading developer of innovative conveyor technology.

We are all about time. We don't want to see it wasted.

At CMA, we support our customers to develop reliable, safe and productive businesses through maximising available time. 


Be it an underground mine, a remote port, a snow covered power station, or even a steel mill handling a variety of bulk commodities, our solutions all aim to help create a step-change in performance.


Our goal is to change the industry by disrupting traditional models of conveyor design, manufacture and installation.

CMA has a dedicated team of experienced professionals that understand key business drivers.

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Redline™ Underground Conveyor System

The Redline  Underground Conveyor system is a step-change in underground mining and tunnelling.

The system is a modular conveyor system that is monorail-mounted and advances and retracts without the need to stop the conveyor.

Production no longer needs to stop.

This results in greater production time, safer operations and improved profitability.

Redline™ is applicable to all underground roadway development, Longwall and Pillar extraction in coal mines, single-entry driveage and civil tunnelling.


The Containerveyor is a modular, relocatable and reusable surface conveyor system.

Based on shipping containers, Containerveyor modules are built and fully-fitted  off-site and arrive to site in a "Plug-and-Play" format. 

The modular approach reduces the capital cost of overland and surface conveyor systems, significantly reduces installation times and reduces the need for personnel and specialist site labour for installation.

Being modular, the system can be removed and used elsewhere, and can be leased or financed - saving valuable up-front capital funds.

Roll-Over Idler Change

The Roll-Over Idler Change system allows idlers/rollers to be changed from the safety of the walkway or area beside a conveyor.

Idlers are lowered from the belting, rotated into a horiztonal position and removed in a cartridge-like form.

The system allows operations to replace idlers when convenient and without lifting equipment. 

The system can be retro-fitted to any conveyor in any setting or industry.

Mining Australia
Mining Australia


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Australian Technologies Competition


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CMA innovations, systems and processes are all secured through international patent protections. 

Additionally, CMA has pending rights worldwide in all Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) countries by virtue of its International PCT application. Claims have been deemed both novel and inventive via the thorough examination processes by the PCT Authority.

Full patent filings (National Phase) have been made in a wide range of countries.




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